This beerpong table was a project of the ESTIA’s mecatronics association named ESTIA SYSTEM. This table was ordered by the ESTIA’ Student Bureau of 2015-2016 (Epikoa).

This interactive table is a “simple” box on legs containing all the stuff required to make it interactive. This box contains :

  • A central panel of 384 leds to display text/animations (a 12*32 matrix)
  • 10 locations where to put the cups for each player
    • Each location contains 1 cup detector
    • Each location is highlighted in red when no cup is detected …
    • …and in green when the cup is detected
  • An electronic board for each player which handles the detection of the cup and the counting of the score
  • A motherboard which controls the display on the central panel and the communication with each player’s electronic board.
  • A controller for the RGB LED strip under the table.
  • A power system which the input is 230V and the outputs are 5V and 12V.
  • A switch on/off button.

Get a diffused light on the central panel :

One major issue on the central panel was that the cone of light produced by the LED was very small. Therefore, the result on the half ping pong ball was focused on a single point:

In order to prevent this, we found the solution of using sandpaper on the top of the LED. The result was not perfect but much better:

Characters scrolling :

Thank you to each one of those who worked with me on this project :

  • Antoine-Marie de GUILLEBON
  • Romain MALHERBE
  • Elodie NOULLEZ

The can find more information about this interactive beerpong table on
the ESTIA SYSTEM website (French).

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